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Hit 66 Sound & Screen are industry professionals with experience in film, television, audio recording and post production.


Professionals in corporate promotional projects including instructional, educational, live performance, charity and sporting events.

Our producers work closely with the client to achieve optimal results and secure a cutting edge video media promotional tool.


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"I couldn't be happier with my new record and Dan has served an integral role in bringing my songs to life. I decided to record my debut solo album with Dan because he took the time to listen to what I envisioned my album would be, and he encouraged us to work out a plan on how we should prepare and execute the recording stage. He also happily provided an opportunity for me to listen his previous work. Recording 12 songs in only a handful of days can be challenging, but working with Dan made the process as smooth as I could have hoped for.

I was so impressed with how the recording went, I also asked Dan to mix the album for me. During both the recording and mixing, Dan happily kept open lines of communication between the two of us. Dan was helpful, patient, attentive, organised and encouraging. Everything from helping me choose the best microphone and vocal take, to giving me room to experiment with various arrangement and mixing configurations made for a very enjoyable and rewarding experience overall. There are producers and engineers around who can be aloof, impatient and disorganised. Dan is the opposite and I would recommend him to any singer-songwriter or band who is looking to achieve a professional sounding record with excellent value for their investment."


Chris Ball

Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist